How to Recruit the Best Staff in the Market

By Shameem Allen, Marketing Executive at KFS Recruitment

So, you want to create the perfect team, or you are a recruiter trying to recruit the best candidates for your clients. Either way finding the best people out there can be a tough job. Competition is rife making it all the more difficult to attract and retain top talent.

In today’s market, we are seeing a large number of candidate shortages compared to a record number of job vacancies.  

This means the best candidates out there are being showered with job offers. So how do you make yours the one they accept?

Let us look at how you can recruit the best staff in the market.

Build a Relationship

When you begin you need to establish a strong relationship with your client or candidate it is only then that you will be truly able to find them the perfect fit. They are more than just their company bio or resume.

Getting to know their personalities beyond job roles and skillsets will allow you to build up a detailed picture of where and who will work best for a role. Will they fit the culture, the ethics and do their values align? These are all important questions to ask when you build a relationship.

This applies to your advert too –steer away from the generic and be as specific as you can. This will save time as you will appeal to the right person from the onset – from the moment they apply you have established the beginning of a relationship knowing they meet your requirements.

Look Beyond Experience

So often job roles require X amount of experience and yet narrowing it down to such specific parameters might eliminate some of the best people out there. Being right for a role should always be based on more. They might encompass all the soft skills and qualities that fit the culture and job perfectly. They may have a fair number of transferable skills too.

Never overlook a new and motivated individual due to lack of experience, they must get it somewhere and by giving them the chance you will reap the rewards of an excellent recruit who is willing to stay long-term, learn and be eager to grow with your company.

Prioritise Wants and Needs

This goes hand in hand with the relationship you build. Getting to know them on an in-depth level will allow you to prioritise their wants and needs. There is not much point in placing a candidate in a role with a company that wants people in the office five days and week, but they only want hybrid.

Aim to know everything you can about your clients, their roles, and your candidates that way you can make the perfect match.

For clients, it makes sense to know what makes them stand out from the crowd, and what makes their role the most valuable. Remember there are far more job vacancies out there than eligible candidates – so yours needs to be the one they want the most.

A great benefits package, flexible working, a clear progression route whatever it is be innovative with your offer to attract the best talent out there.

Perfect the Onboarding Process

One of the most important yet overlooked elements of recruiting and retaining the best staff is a strong onboarding process. It is often assumed that once an employee starts all it takes is a day’s induction and not much else but think again. Employees that experience a bad onboarding process often quit within the first year if not the first 120 days. But make it a positive experience and it can increase staff retention by 82%.

In this market, they will have plenty of other options so it’s your job to make it a positive and engaging process. Go that extra mile and make them feel valued and comfortable. It is difficult enough to go through the whole recruitment process and find the best people you can – don’t lose them at the last hurdle.


At the end of the day, you want to find the right role for the right candidate and by using some of these strategies in your recruiting you will find and keep the best talent out there.

Recruitment isn’t a quick or easy process, but it is worth the extra effort and careful planning. You will end up with great teams, happy employees and motivated workforces.