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The Diversity & Inclusivity Finance Forum (DIFF) podcast series

This diverse and informative series of podcasts covers topics such as returning mums, D&I strategy, menopause, mentoring, homosexuality, unconscious bias and much more. There are also contributions from industry ‘trailblazers’, discussing opportunities for progress in the mortgage market for people from different backgrounds.

My Journey into Financial Services leadership

Hear the real stories of some of the leaders in UK Financial Services today, interviewed by Alison Houghton Corfield, National Relationship Director at Master Private finance. How did they become successful, what did they want to be when they grew up, how did they get to where they are today and what advice do they have for those who are just starting out?

The Pathfinders podcast series

Andrew Montlake, founder of Coreco and AMI Chairman (among many others), shares with us his Pathfinder Podcasts.

“The definition of a pathfinder, amongst many, is ‘one that discovers a way especially: one that explores untraversed regions to mark out a new route’. The Pathfinder Podcast is about the journeys we take in business and in our life.”

Join Monty as he presents his listeners with engaging, entertaining and inspirational discussions with his guests.

Pathfinders 5 –  How two very different paths led to the Financial Services Industry.

“Stacy Penn and Rachel Edwards are two of the mortgage industry’s young, shining lights. Working in highly technical and important roles for the Association of Mortgage Intermediaries (AMI), much of what they do is generally not seen or understood by many they represent, though they are part of a new team who are changing this, and much more besides, in an industry ready to embrace change. This episode is proof you never really know someone until you ask the questions and listen to the story.”

The Accord Mortgages Growth Podcasts

We feature some episodes from this great podcast series aimed at those in the mortgage industry.

Listen to episodes featuring industry experts and mortgage brokers, discussing a wide range of topics such as the mental health challenges facing brokers, how to champion womens’ careers, the benefits of mentoring and making change happen in the industry.