Wellbeing at work is an increasingly important topic as awareness of issues like the need for flexible working arrangements and mental health support grows. This page draws together an assortment of resources to demonstrate how employers and staff can work together to promote wellbeing in the workplace. We will add to this over time, as we gather more examples of best practice from across the sector.

Wellbeing at Work

Mortgage Industry Mental Health Charter

In recent times mental health has become a major concern for many and research shows a deteriorating picture, particularly in the Mortgage Industry.

The Mortgage Industry Mental Health Charter (MIMHC) therefore aims to provide guidance, hints, tips and a simple framework so member companies can embrace then tailor bespoke services which best support their staff. MIMHC is a not for profit organisation that is made up of 7 co-founding firms plus a growing number of signatories. All these firms agree to be bound by the MIMHC 6 governing rules which apply Best Practice Health and Wellbeing guidelines and are known as “The MIMHC Charter”.

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Further Resources for Wellbeing at Work