Our Story

The Association of Mortgage Intermediaries (AMI) has created this working in mortgages website in response to the challenges laid down in our October 2021 Viewpoint report on “Diversity, Inclusion and Equality in the Mortgage industry”. Following the report, the industry came together – lenders, intermediaries, trade bodies, consultants and related sectors – to work together to provide support to firms, individuals and those who might be looking to join our great industry.  Our thanks to the Intermediary Mortgage Lenders Association (IMLA) for partnering with us to be a catalyst for change. This is Our Story.

Over time we will endeavour to build out this site to further drive inclusivity and equity in the mortgage industry and tap into the talent in younger generations.  It will not happen overnight, nor will all our ideas be perfect.  However, we come together with a shared objective to make a difference and work in partnership celebrating our commonality and respecting our differences.

“This is an open home for those that want to make the mortgage industry a truly inclusive place to work.”

From codes of conduct, recruitment practices, well-being, mentoring, podcasts and development ideas, this is an open home for those that want to make the mortgage industry a truly inclusive place to work. We want it to be about the now, but also how we grow our industry for the future form diverse talent pools.

Our continued thanks go to Aldermore and Virgin Money for their support for this project, and all those change-makers who have come together to help us navigate to a better tomorrow.  This website would not be possible if it were not for all those individuals who have committed their time, effort and experience to this project.

This is just a beginning – we will grow the content over time – feel free to talk to us about what you think is needed or what you can bring.

Robert Sinclair
AMI Chief Executive

Diversity and Inclusion in the Mortgage Industry: One Year On

AMI and IMLA are proud to present Workinginmortgages.org.uk in this live launch webinar, first broadcast 17th October 2022. Hear from a range of industry speakers on our Diversity and Inclusion journey in the mortgage industry so far, and get a high-level tour of the website.

Our Contributors

This website wouldn’t be possible without the generous contributions of our volunteers

Talented individuals from across the industry have generously donated their time and experience to help us bring you this website. From industry insight, career case studies, personal experience, guides and resources and much more, we extend our thanks to each and every one.

Get Involved

Do you want to be a part of our initiative to shape the future of the mortgage industry?

We’re always open to pitches for new content ideas for the website, and continue to work on initiatives to improve industry practice across a number of key areas, including:

  • Recruitment, retention and remuneration,
  • Codes of Conduct & industry events, and
  • Leadership & culture.
  • Diversity & Inclusion

So, if you want to get involved, or just want to know more, visit our blog post below. We answer some common questions and provide a link where you can register to volunteer, giving us some background information such as your skills, current role, experiences and interests.

Mortgage Industry Mental Health Charter

In recent times mental health has become a major concern for many and research shows a deteriorating picture, particularly in the Mortgage Industry.

The Mortgage Industry Mental Health Charter (MIMHC) therefore aims to provide guidance, hints, tips and a simple framework so member companies can embrace then tailor bespoke services which best support their staff.

MIMHC is a not for profit organisation that is made up of 7 co-founding firms plus a growing number of signatories. All these firms agree to be bound by the MIMHC 6 governing rules which apply Best Practice Health and Wellbeing guidelines and are known as “The MIMHC Charter”.