The Mortgage Industry Mental Health Charter (MIMHC)

The Mortgage Industry Mental Health Charter (MIMHC) aims to provide guidance, hints, tips and a simple framework so companies who become signatories can embrace then tailor bespoke services which best support their staff.

MIMHC is owned by the Charter Committee and was launched to take forward the recommendations in the Stevenson and Farmer review “Thriving at Work”.

MIMHC aims to provide support to all UK firms operating within the mortgage sector.

MIMHC is a not for profit organisation that is made up of 7 co-founding firms plus a growing number of signatories.

All these firms agree to be bound by the MIMHC 6 governing rules which apply Best Practice Health and Wellbeing guidelines and are known as “The MIMHC Charter”.

The Charter Committee Steering Group has representation from a cross section of UK firms who operate in the U.K. The steering group will continuously develop reference material and evolve practical support so Mental Health and Well-being best practices are easily accessible.

To become a signatory of the MIMHC Charter and commit to implementing the recommendations please complete the online form here.

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