Sonya Matharu – Senior Mortgage Adviser

Sonia Matharu, Senior Mortgage Adviser at The Mortgage Mum, tells us how her career began and how her experiences shaped her future.


My journey into the mortgage industry was completely accidental! As a child, I had numerous interests. Something I still have today, but back then, having these numerous interests created confusion surrounding what I wanted to be when I grew up. The things I did know, however, is that I enjoyed being challenged (which, with having dyslexia, came automatically!) and I wanted a career I could build upon as I grew. Something I got almost accidentally when I stumbled into the financial services industry.

My journey in the financial sector happened completely by chance, but captured my interest from my first day and has ended up shaping my entire career. That first day was back in 2015 as a personal assistant to a mortgage broker, and since then I have progressed from an Assistant, to a Mortgage Administrator, before qualifying and working as a Broker.

Because of my introduction into the world of mortgage broking, I’ve been able to learn the ins and outs of the industry from almost every angle. This has not only enabled me to obtain a wealth of knowledge which has helped numerous clients to get onto (and stay on!) the property ladder, but it’s knowledge that I’ve been able to carry with me as I became fully self-employed and joined The Mortgage Mum.

I love running my own business within this industry as I get to do my job and help people, but I’m also not limited to one thing. This means that I have the flexibility to tap into other industries and entrepreneurial ideas that will benefit the industry.

It’s been a journey of ups, downs and challenges but there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t love what I do. There are always new opportunities to get involved with, for example, I’m part of a forward-thinking firm that is incredibly supportive and as part of my role, I mentor groups of aspiring mortgage brokers, which helps keep my career not only interesting but fulfilling.

I love being able to provide support and guidance to help people step into the careers they want—especially as the resources for doing so weren’t accessible when I began mine, so being able to change that for others has been incredibly rewarding. I wanted to change that, to show that financial knowledge can be accessible and that people can budget and achieve their financial goals without sacrificing everything that makes life enjoyable.