A Day in the Life of – Paul Purewal

Paul is Corporate Relationship Manager at Coventry Building Society. Here, he tells us all about the day to day responsibilities of the role and managing work/life balance.

What does your morning routine look like? 

Varied – if working at home, it’s about ensuring I’m caught up with emails and preparing for upcoming meetings or events. I do this by planning presentations, reviewing content and discussing with the accounts where appropriate. I will have weekly MI to send and might be completing actions from review meetings that have taken place. 

Some of the time I’ll be attending an event, which start early. I make sure I’m there to set up any stands, get to meet with the account reps and discuss what the day looks like.  If I have a BDM present with me, we’ll make sure there is a plan for how we’re going to jointly manage any interactions with attendees.

What does a typical afternoon look like?

Again, it varies, but can include meetings, whether face to face or virtual, with my accounts or key brokers. It can also include planning ahead for future days/weeks (booking hotels, transport), or completing minutes from review meetings.

What do you find to be your most productive time of the day?

Probably first thing – I will log on early and this gives me the headspace to get things done, knowing that I’m less likely to get interrupted.

How do you manage your time to ensure you have a good work / life / home balance?

I will always try and balance the diary (especially when at home) to give myself time to go for a walk or run at lunchtime, or to just spend some time away from the laptop. The same principle applies when I’m away – I’ll pack gym gear and bring my iPad so I can watch Netflix!

What is your favourite part of your working day in your role?

The interactions, 100% – I thrive on relationship building and like to meet new people, along with helping them in whatever role they’re doing.

What does a typical dinner time look like in your household?

It’s very flexible – everyone eats at different times, so it’s not usually a sit down together scenario.  That’s not a problem though, as we find other times to be together.

What do you do to unwind?

Exercise – I’m fairly active, so like to run, swim and work out.

If you could give one piece of career advice what would it be?

Don’t be put off by others – if you are motivated to achieve something, you can get there!

How important has your support network been in helping you through your role?

It’s been very supportive, I’m lucky to have colleagues both internally and externally that are always on hand to offer advice and support. This industry is brilliant for that.

Does your job require a degree?

No – I don’t have one.  Experience of other related roles is helpful, and being a people person who is flexible and agile in terms of working arrangements is also useful.