A Day in the Life of – Savannah Dewhirst

Savannah is Marketing Executive at Coreco. Here, she tells us all about the day to day responsibilities of the role and managing work/life balance.

As a Marketing Executive, I am responsible for providing marketing strategy across the business, which includes a focus on digital marketing, analysis, and project management. The role is extremely varied and involves work on all elements of the client journey, from both an online and offline perspective.

I also manage all social media channels for Coreco, increasing the exposure of our brand as well as attracting new customers by overseeing social campaigns, keeping up with current trends, creating new and up-to-date content, and managing posts, as well as promoting brand-focused messages.

What does your morning routine look like? 

My morning routine consists of coffee as soon as I open my eyes (it’s what gets me out of bed). I then take my cockapoo, Teddy, for a morning walk so that he’s nice and relaxed for me for the rest of the day! After that, I get set up in my home office to start work – and probably grab another coffee!

What does a typical afternoon look like?

A typical afternoon for me consists of various tasks, from running reports to creating our next social post or planning our next social event.

What do you find to be your most productive time of the day?

My most productive time of day personally is in the mornings. From 9-1, before lunch, is when I have optimum energy and am at my most creative!

How do you manage your time to ensure you have a good work / life / home balance?

My group of close friends and I organise a dinner once a month, always at the same place and same time, so we all know we can make it. It’s almost like a club. We talk about anything and everything and we always come away feeling like we have been to therapy.

At home, I always make sure to have dinner at a specific time (7 pm) and sit down with my boyfriend to eat it at the dinner table. By doing this, we are away from our laptops, and can actually have a conversation.

What is your favourite part of your working day in your role?

My favourite part of my working day is first thing when I log on – I check overnight results, so, Facebook leads, any new likes on socials, new leads that have come in from the website. This gives me reassurance that everything has been working as it should overnight and puts me in a good mood!

What does a typical dinner time look like in your household?

I love cooking, so dinner time for me is a form of relaxation. It’s very therapeutic. Dinner consists of good conversation, a glass of wine (most nights) and always Teddy not too far away hoping for some leftovers.

What do you do to unwind?

My favourite thing to do to unwind is to take a bubble bath. I have an unhealthy obsession with buying bath products. There could be worse things though, right?

I have a bath music playlist, so I run a bath, light a candle and apply all of my incredibly overpriced toiletries. But it’s an immediate dopamine hit so I don’t mind!

If you could give one piece of career advice what would it be?

Be your true self. Let your personality shine. People invest in people, and you’ll find the right match for you by being your authentic self. It can be a lonely place working in an environment where you have to supress your true personality.

How important has your support network been in helping you through your role?

I’m lucky enough to call my work peers friends outside of the workplace, which really helps when support is needed.

There’s always someone to talk to when things are stressful, or you need to vent. This has been incredibly important to me. When people can’t express worries or stress, that leads or burnout or to them leaving jobs they like because they can no longer deal with it on their own.

Does your job require a degree?

No – after finishing high school, I stayed on at sixth form to study English Literature, Business Studies and Media at A level.

I then decided to enrol onto a beauty therapy course at college, for which I received a diploma level three.

I have worked in many different roles in the finance sector and events, until being introduced into marketing by joining Coreco. Within my time at Coreco I have completed a course in Social Media & Marketing Planning to further my knowledge, as I came to Coreco with zero marketing qualifications or experience. I just had a passion for it, which got noticed by my now manager –  which just goes to show you don’t always need a university degree to work in the field you want.