AMI responds to HMT Call for Evidence – Sexism in the City

At the Association of Mortgage Intermediaries, we work hard to input into policy and influence its direction. Our goal is an environment with light touch regulation that enables mortgage intermediaries to prosper and deliver quality advice. We do this partly by providing regular responses to key business and regulatory proposals and papers. We felt it appropriate to share our most recent response, to the HMT Call for Evidence: Sexism in the City. As we note in the response:
It would be remiss of us to not address the proverbial elephant in the room; the title of the Call for Evidence bears an unfortunate resemblance to the book series and TV show ‘Sex in the City’ which risks trivialising this topic, though this may be an unintentional coincidence. It could be seen as an attempt to add humour to a serious topic that ought not to be undermined and has serious impacts on many individuals lives and career prospects.
We have not seen any attempts at humour in previous consultations and do not feel that there are many ‘Call for Evidence’ topics in which an attempt at a witty title would be appropriate. We would urge caution should be taken in the future. Moreover, we feel that the title may limit responses, sexism is an issue in every corner of financial services not just the large hubs such as London.